ArunodaySansthan is Mahoba based Not-for-profit organization Registered under societies Registration Act of 1860 on 25 Sep 2001. Organization starts the work in Block Jaitpur one of the most interior of the dist. Feudalism & Dadushahi was on its top Marginalized and weaker section of community exploited by powerful person of the person of area due to geographical reason this area faces many problems like less police support. Administrative negligence when Mr. Abhishek look at the problems of weaker sections. He start the work in favour of this section of community, their awareness increases and they raised their voice with him after this a right based improvement starts against the Dadus & Feudalism by the effort of organization people get their rights, relief from feudalism and improve their Socio economic status by the effort of organization people get their rights relief from feudalism & improve their Socio economic status.

Increase in Agricultural Production


Mainly there were two ways in which the project helped improve agricultural production. They are given as below Increase in land under cultivation As stated earlier the land in the village was mostly rocky and unsuitable for cultivation. Thanks to the land leveling and bunding exercises many farmers are now cultivating much more area. The average increase in farm land is 25%. The figure given below shows that some farmers even doubled their farm land.

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